More About Me

As a User Experience (UX) Designer, I'm continually experimenting with new methodologies for improved problem solving and design thinking within teams. Prior to working in the digital design world, I was an electrical engineer designing integrated circuits and prototyping hardware. I’ve helped build start-ups through to an IPO as well as worked for larger more established companies. My main interests are to work with exceptional teams delivering innovative products that are easy to use and improve people’s lives.

What I do Exactly

As a user advocate, I rely on good communication skills to evangelize UX in an iterative design environment within a cross functional team. It’s my job to articulate the 'why' of design decisions and deliver interactive prototypes and visual styling. I apply my problem solving skills on a daily basis and incorporate usability testing to vet assumptions and mitigate risks when defining a product’s core feature set.


Lead UX activities like persona bulding, workshops and Design Studio

UX Designer

Design interactive prototypes bringing user journeys alive

Visual Designer

Create resonance with imagery, colors and typography

Lean UX

Distill the core functionality within a lean approach

some of my work

Contact me

I'm currently working as an experience designer in Palo Alto. I'm always up for connecting with like minded people, so let's get in touch!

San Francisco/Bay Area