Browsing to select a puzzle


Browse for puzzles, final visual design by James Mo, UI Designer

Role: UX Designer for Digital Sprint Suite

Project: Coffee Break Puzzle App

Company: DMG Media



The Daily Mail’s MailPlus digital offering included a puzzle app called, Coffee Break, in addition to all the other newspaper sections you’d expect to find such as editorial articles and TV listings. Our team revisited the app’s architecture, the UI furniture and significantly improved the user experience of the Coffee Break app.



l led daily sketch and critique sessions for fast iterative design

We removed a cumbersome cover flow interface and replaced it with a series of categorized, swipe-able rows of puzzles that you could readily browse.


Browsing for puzzles and organizing My Favorites

Other enhancements included a new feature giving you the option to play for a prize as well as a way to introduce advertising into the user journey.


Learn more about a puzzle and even a chance to win a priz

As UX Designer, I built up and maintained a working wall throughout the project that provided us with a map-of-the-world view of the entire user experience. This ensured an holistic approach to design thinking and it lent itself nicely to daily stand-ups with the client.


Working on walls improved our collaboration with stakeholders

I also introduced Agile UX design by first presenting story boards that framed the initial concept which resulted in a highly collaborative team effort that informed our sprint planning.


I led the UX for the product team using a story boarding approach; initial design direction was defined by Matt Davies, Information Architect and Consultant

We continued to work up design solutions using this working walls technique so that we could conduct regular pitching and peer critique sessions that allowed us to be continuously iterating towards a better user experience.



Play for prizes, final visual design by James Mo, UI Designer