Guerrilla user testing

A couple of us UX peeps decided to embark on a trial run of guerrilla user testing as a side project. After sending out a mass email and coordinating the space, we spent a full part of a day welcoming various folks into our pop-up user testing ‘lab’ to give us their feedback using one of our beta responsive sites.

We used Clearleft’s Silverback App to video tape the users on both desktop and a mobile device. All the hard work really paid off as we were amazed at the amount of rich information we captured even in a guerrilla scoped approach.


Silverback video testing software provided ample evidence of user behavoir



Capturing feedback from internal users removed from the project

We were able to detect patterns of specific usability issues uniquely for both desktop and mobile. Some results we would’ve anticipated, but there were also some surprises which again reinforces how crucial user testing is early in the project.

Various results were adopted almost immediately for the next sprint iterations.