Concept design for sharing alert notifications

Collaboration, sharing survey response alerts with other team members

The first phase of collaboration research resulted in a prioritized list of features based on our customer’s requirements and feedback. A decision was made to focus on shared survey results. A next phase of designing ensued which ultimately resulted in a series of low fidelity mocks. My starting point for this deliverable was to dive deeper into the details of user tasks and the relationships within this collaboration event.


Firming up the concept for sharing response alerts


I created a series of quick flow charts to better understand how things would flow given the various agents and the permutations of different states and circumstances, uncovering edge cases in the process.

Flow chart for sharing survey response alerts


The first round of sketches progressed into these low fidelity mocks.

Access sharing from Survey Summary

Invite people to receive response alerts

Identify team members to share alerts with

Manage alerts using a tab interface

Recipient can manage their own response alerts

Central location for all your notifications and alerts


Additionally, I created a coded prototype in bootstrap to get a sense of responsive behavior, but bringing the concept alive in the browser also helped in my collaboration with our UX copy writer. We worked through the information experience which was initially convoluted with the inadvertent added notion of  inviting someone to receive alerts vs just having alerts shared with you. Furthermore, not only was inviting someone to share alerts with you confusing, but it seemed to conflict with the major user task of  inviting someone to share the actual survey.

Bootstrap prototype for inviting people to receive response alerts

Bootstrap prototype to manage who’s receiving alerts already


Meanwhile as other collaboration experiences, like commenting, were being developed across the company – some areas ahead of others on their product roadmap – it became evident that we would indeed collaborate on an invitation flow pattern. As such we  coordinated efforts via micro conversations and peer design critiques to establish a consistent invitation experience whether that was for inviting people to comment or inviting people onto a team and setting their permissions, or sharing survey response alerts. This included a form field pattern using a typeahead filter adopted from the design for inviting people to comment.

Invitation pattern

Identify people to invite

Find someone to invite

Add Lucia to the invitation


I successfully delivered this design artifact for sharing response alerts which was then used for planning, estimation and appropriate resourcing. As such the work was passed to the product team that was working on a larger arc of a notification center as I moved over to lead the design efforts for the Analyze team.