A day in the life of your customer

You tend to forget how important it is to at least show up at these Meetups.  After a crappy day slinging pixels, I forced myself over to Google Campus… hungry, glum… and the UX Cafe turned it all around with some amazing speakers, but in particular Vicky Cullen’s quick preso on a UX activity that focuses on following a user through their entire day was super inspiring.

Here’s her slideshow, so you can get a better idea of the sketches she presented on that evening.

Vicky Cullen – UX on legs from UX Café

Ref|  http://www.slideshare.net/uxcafelondon/vicky-cullen-ux-on-legs

The next day, my fabulously talented colleague, Andrea Prieto, remarked that she was also in the audience the night before (yes, how did I miss that?) and really loved Vicky’s approach to capturing not just a user journey for a product session, but for the entire day.


Andrea had us all journal our day over 24 hours

This inspiration set off a series of planning sessions where Andrea led one of the most amazing workshops I’ve ever seen which also included the production run of a small personal diary that was given to each attendee a week prior to the day of the workshop with instructions to load it up with details of ‘a day in the life of your customer’.

It’s another reminder that there’s such talented people all around you – so pay attention and always show up!